At Green Schools National Network (GSNN), we love to hear from educators, schools, and districts that are working toward becoming green, healthy, and sustainable.  Your best practices and lessons learned shape the green schools movement and inform its future direction.


GSNN wants to give you an opportunity to share your successes and make your voice heard.  To do that, we are launching a call for writers for our three content platforms: our blog, newsletter, and quarterly publication (slated for launch in winter 2017).  Our goal is to highlight original content that tells the story of the green schools movement, specifically as it relates to the three pillars of a green, healthy, and sustainable school (decreasing the environmental footprint of schools and school districts; health and well-being; and curriculum that advances environmental and sustainability literacy).  Want to contribute?  Check out our guidelines on the website and read on to learn more about the stories we want to share.



GSNN’s blog highlights Network news, professional development opportunities, special events, and school or district “snap shots” (mini case studies).  We welcome guest bloggers and are looking for posts around the following topics:

  • Best practices for one or more of the pillars of a green, healthy, and sustainable school.
  • Upcoming green schools-related conferences and workshops for educators, school leaders, and students.
  • Professional development opportunities for educators and school leaders.


Need further ideas?  Consult GSNN’s GreenPrint for inspiration.



GSNN’s e-newsletter, GreenNotes, takes a closer buy ambien 10mg net look at one green schools-related topic each month.  Upcoming themes can be found here.  We are especially interested in articles that cover:

  • Case studies of schools and school districts doing exemplary work in environmental and sustainability initiatives.
  • Profiles of leaders and advocates in the green schools movement.
  • News and current events of interest to the green schools movement.



The Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly (GSCQ) is GSNN’s newest publication.  Set to launch in January 2017, GSCQ will dive deep into topics that cut across the three pillars of a green, healthy, sustainable school, and address the role of leadership in advancing the green schools movement.  Articles will focus on:

  • The latest qualitative/quantitative research and its implications for a green, healthy, sustainable school.
  • In-depth case studies of schools or school districts doing exemplary work in environmental and sustainability initiatives.
  • Practical application(s) or best practice(s) that are being implemented and scaled in schools and school districts across the country.
  • Profiles of people at the school and district levels who are exemplars of transformational/regenerative/change leadership and are making an impact on practice and/or policy.
  • Profiles of people, organizations, and/or agencies engaging in local, state, regional, or federal partnerships that are supporting change at scale.


In addition to contributing writers, GSNN is also seeking peer reviewers to evaluate submissions for GSCQ.  If you or a colleague is interested in this opportunity, please visit our website to learn more.