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Green Schools National Network (GSNN) partners with school and district leaders through a planning and implementation cycle based on a shared goal of applying best practices related to health, equity, and the environment. Joining the Network (formerly the Catalyst Network) offers access to a range of services including leadership and professional development, action planning, coaching, and data analytics.

Using our GreenPrint as a tool for holistic transformation, our partnerships help to:

  • Diagnose strengths to build on and challenges that need to be addressed
  • Build a strategic and holistic plan that prioritizes goals and illuminates a pathway to reach them
  • Analyze progress toward goals and make course corrections midstream
  • Describe the vision with practical language that can onboard and inspire stakeholders

We Partner With:

  • Superintendents who have a shared vision for academic success and developing students who are prepared to co-create a sustainable future
  • Principals who exhibit support and enthusiasm for creating healthy, equitable, and sustainable learning environments
  • Curriculum & Instruction Leaders who have flexibility in curriculum, instruction, pedagogies, and professional development
  • Facilities and Operations Leaders who are open to creating, improving, maintaining, and learning from green school buildings and grounds to minimize environmental impact and foster environmental justice

Our partnership options vary across three levels: Explorers, Changemakers, and Trailblazers. If you want to learn more, join the waitlist to become a partner for the 2022-23 school year.

Our Network Partners

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Join the waitlist to become a partner for the 2022-23 school year

Bring Green Justice To Our Schools

We are raising funds to incorporate green justice into K-12 Green Ambassador programs across the country. You have the opportunity to help schools in our Network with high percentages of children from low-income families. Your gift will empower us to support the development and growth of Green Ambassador programs by integrating lessons at the intersection of social justice, environmental justice, and planetary stewardship.

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