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October Community of Practice Meeting – 4PBL

October 30

Join us for an inspiring journey as GSNN launches its dynamic Community of Practice series, initially spotlighting the innovative insights of Jenny Seydel, our esteemed Executive Director. This three-part series will evolve interactively over the next three months, with each session uniquely shaped by the needs, requests, and emerging topics identified by participants from the preceding meeting. This series promises a responsive and participant-driven exploration of educational strategies, focusing on the transformative power of P4BL (Phenomena-, Place-, Project-, and Problem-Based Learning). Participants will engage in expert-led discussions and collaborative workshops, learning to integrate real-world issues into classroom learning to create impactful and sustainable educational experiences. As we navigate through these sessions, the focus will be on cultivating solutionary thinking among educators and students alike, encouraging the development of practical solutions to complex challenges.

CoP Discussion Topic Coming Soon!