Professional Services

The Green Schools National Network (GSNN)’s professional development and coaching services are designed to help schools and school districts adopt sustainability practices that align with their strategic goals.

Our work is guided by the GreenPrint™ for Green, Healthy, and Sustainable Schools and its five core principles: curriculum, stewardship, facilities and operations, health and well-being, and leadership. Along with our professional development collaborative partners, GSNN is positioned to help schools and school districts adopt a culture of sustainability that permeates every aspect of education: planning, policy development, program implementation, finances, curricula, teaching, learning, assessment, and administration.

Professional Services Offered by GSNN

Using the GreenPrint™ for Green, Healthy, and Sustainable Schools, GSNN School/District Coaches work with school and district leadership teams to identify their needs and assets and craft a work plan that outlines goals, the critical actions the school/school district will undertake to achieve those goals, desired outcomes, structures for support and accountability, and data points/evidence that will be used to measure impact.

GSNN’s professional services are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each school and school district. All schools and school districts can expect to receive a combination of the following:

  • On-site and virtual coaching for school leaders, curriculum and instruction specialists/coaches, and teachers.
  • On-site professional development and creation of a professional learning community grounded in the school/school district’s work plan focus areas.
  • A plan for off-site professional development that includes, but is not limited to, the Green Schools Conference and Expo; visits to Catalyst Schools; summer institutes related to work plan goals; and GreenPrint™ Leadership Cohort meetings with other school leaders.
  • Virtual Learning Circles related to Sustainability Education Leadership, Sustainability Education Pedagogy, and Sustainable School Operations.


Why Participate in Professional Development through GSNN?


To Foster a Shared Vision for Green, Healthy, and Sustainable Schools

Schools and school districts will create a shared vision for growth and development that integrates the Triple Bottom Line of sustainability (social, economic, and environment) into their daily operations, from facilities to curriculum.

To Make Sustainability a Core Component of Your School/District’s Strategic Plan

Schools and school districts will identify sustainable practices and strategies that can be integrated into their strategic plan for short- and long-term implementation, from using the school building and grounds as a teaching tool to adopting progressive waste, water, and energy management practices and creating a school culture that values the health and well-being of students and staff.

To Empower Green School Leaders and Mentors

Schools and school districts will build the internal capacity of their leaders, faculty, and staff to embrace sustainability as the driver of innovation in their school community; create a culture of sustainability that prepares students for college and 21st century careers; and empower them to share knowledge, support, and enthusiasm for healthy, sustainable learning environments with their peers.

To Ensure Teachers have the Support and Resources They Need to Teach 21st Century Skills

Schools and school districts will acquire and develop the tools and resources teachers need to equip their students with 21st century skills. This includes designing curriculum that addresses state content standards while using compelling topics related to the environment and sustainability as the integrating context for learning, as well as developing student-centered assessment programs that incorporate authentic place-based student projects and products that focus on the local community.


Ready to get started?  Contact us for more information on the range of professional services GSNN has to offer schools and school districts.