The Biomimicry Institute is the world’s leading nonprofit dedicated to innovation inspired by nature. Biomimicry offers an exciting project-based approach that helps teachers blend STEM and environmental education in creative, hands-on lessons students love. The Biomimicry Institute helps educators and organizations bring biomimicry into their teaching by providing curriculum and training, networking opportunities, and content development support. Learn more about our services and visit the online library, AskNature, for the resources and information you need to bring biomimicry into your teaching practice.


What We Offer

Materials and Resources

The Biomimicry Institute hosts AskNature, the world’s most comprehensive catalog of biomimicry education resources, biomimetic design solutions, and inspiring natural phenomena. Get started finding resources for your students at

Design Challenges

Our annual design competitions provide a platform for learning and practicing biomimicry, while using it as a lens to help create nature-inspired solutions to climate change. Learn about our current challenges for students and professionals at

Biomimicry Education Network

Join the Network to connect with other biomimicry educators around the world.


Build your team or district’s knowledge with professional development workshops customized for your organization. Our approach focuses on engaging educators directly in a design experience and providing unique opportunities to reconnect with nature. On-site workshops can vary from one-half to multiple days depending on your needs. Contact us to learn more:

Content Development Services

Our biomimicry subject matter experts are available to collaborate with your team to develop original content for biomimicry curricula, educational programs, museum exhibits, and more. Contact us to learn more:


Scheduled PD Offerings

Check back for future PD opportunities.