Global GreenSTEM elevates STEM education to a new level of purpose and impact that sparks curiosity and empathy in participants while reinforcing the 4Cs (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication). We work with formal and non-formal educators, organizations, agencies, and learners of all ages to transform STEM, science, and environmental education activities and programs into real-


When students CARE, they want to learn.

When students LEARN something personally relevant, they want to respond.

When students RESPOND, they make an IMPACT that changes the world.

What We Offer

Our professional learning, curriculum development, program planning, presentations, and innovative partnerships incorporate effective instructional strategies aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Education for Sustainability Standards, and other targeted education standards.

Professional Learning Experiences

Each professional learning experience is customized to your audience, community, and local natural environment. Using a collaborative process, we develop and facilitate place-based, culturally-relevant STEM-GreenSTEM professional learning experiences for educators that integrate effective STEM instructional strategies, Next Generation Science Standards, and local environmental and sustainability issues. 


Curriculum and Program Development 

We work with you to…

  • develop new curricula, classes, programs, and projects so learners can use STEM knowledge and skills to understand and solve learner-relevant, real-world problems.
  • transform existing STEM curricula, classes, programs, and projects into engaging, purposeful learning experiences that are relevant to the learner’s real world.


Informal Education

Organizations and agencies are in a unique position to provide purposeful, engaging, and relevant STEM experiences for students, parents, teachers, community members, and decision-makers. Your setting is already engaging. Take it to a new level with problem-based experiences that give guests agency to understand and design solutions that support your mission.

  • Zoos, aquariums, and museums can connect global exhibits and issues to what’s happening locally.
  • Nature centers and public, state, and national parks can give learners a tangible experience in their local natural environment and connect it to what’s happening globally.


Scheduled PD Offerings