Green Schools National Network’s newsletter, GreenNotes, focuses on one overarching topic per month.  We will consider articles for the month that best matches the topic.  Have a question about an upcoming theme?  Contact


We are looking for a variety of articles for GreenNotes, including:

  • Case studies of schools and school districts doing exemplary work in environmental and sustainability initiatives.
  • Profiles of leaders and advocates in the green schools movement.
  • News and current events of interest to the green schools movement.

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Themes for the next three months include:


Action Research/Citizen Science – January 2017

Submission deadline: December 23, 2016

Citizen science offers opportunities to connect classroom learning with real-world scientific investigations.  From conducting observations and data collection to simple analysis, students can help scientists and researchers gather information they need to study and understand our changing world.  This issue of GreenNotes will feature case studies of schools that are actively integrating citizen science into classroom curriculum, as well as citizen science programs around the country that are partnering with schools in their data collection efforts.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) – February 2017

Submission deadline: January 27, 2017

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math: these subjects form the foundation of 21st century skills that students need to lead a sustainable future.  How are schools and districts rising to the challenge to integrate STEAM into their curriculum?  Who are the partners and advocates behind the push for STEAM in schools?  This issue of GreenNotes will address these questions and highlight best practices that work.


Place-Based Education — March 2017  

Submission deadline: February 24, 2017

Place-based education is a key driver of Education for Sustainability and whole school transformation.  How does place-based education work?  How are schools and districts embracing place-based education in the classroom?  What does place-based education mean for student achievement?  This issue of GreenNotes will share case studies and profiles of the schools and people, respectively, leading the way in place-based education and provide resources and best practices to help schools and districts get started.