On January 29, 2016, Deborah Moore, Executive Director for the Green Schools Initiative, announced she would be stepping down to join the Union of Concerned Scientists as their Western States Senior Campaign Manager.  She assumed her new position on February 1, 2016.

I want to congratulate Deborah on her new endeavor.  Her work with the Green Schools Initiative and the Environmental Defense Fund will make her a valuable asset to the Union of Concerned Scientists.  They are very lucky to have her.

Deborah set the direction for the green schools movement.  In 2004, she founded the Green Schools Initiative, the first non-profit to embrace “whole school sustainability” as a focus of its work.  Since then, Deborah has inspired and provided a vision for the many others interested in changing the face of how public schools operate and what public schools teach.  Personally, Deborah challenged me to think in new ways and pushed me to do what is right and good for students, teachers, the bottom-line of schools and school districts…and greatest of all…the planet.

Deborah accomplished much during her time order ambien online reddit with the Green Schools Initiative.  Some highlights from the Green Schools Initiative website include:

  • Trained more than 3,000 educators, parents, facilities staff, and school board members from 450 California schools and districts in the Green Schools Initiative’s holistic “How to Green Your School” approach.
  • Contributed to establishing theS. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Award and the California Green Ribbon Schools recognition.
  • Contributed to the California Blueprint for Environmental Literacy, adopted by the California Department of Education in 2015 to expand the reach of environmental education to all students.
  • Launched the Nature’s Voices Project to amplify the voices of young people by sharing their inspiring stories of how green schools and environmental education have transformed their lives and learning.
  • Served on the Advisory Board for theGreen Schools National Network, helping to build a movement with partners in all 50 states, as well as the California Green Schools Summit, calling for green and healthy schools as a fundamental priority for a high-quality 21st century education.

Thank you Deborah for your leadership and vision!  The green schools movement would not be where it is today without you.