The Green Schools National Network

Who We Are

Green Schools National Network (GSNN) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works with educators, government and non-governmental organizations and agencies, and private partners to create broad-based initiatives and successful strategies aimed at fostering healthy, sustainable K-12 schools across the United States. Founded in 2008 by principals, superintendents, and teachers, GSNN is devoted to accelerating student achievement through the implementation of green, healthy, and sustainable practices as outlined in our GreenPrint® for Green, Healthy, and Sustainable Schools.

Our Vision

Ensuring that future generations can thrive by shaping sustainable schools. 

Our Mission

Every learner attends a healthy, equitable, and sustainable school. 

GSNN Core Values

  1. Educational innovation is driven by sustainability.
  2. Leadership is the key to creating sustainable schools.
  3. Student voices and perspectives are part of the solution for a sustainable future.
  4. High-quality professional learning opportunities inspire educators to transform their classrooms AND our entire educational system.
  5. Innovation is fostered through collaboration with sustainability change makers.


Catalyst Schools & Districts

GSNN identifies schools and districts in every state that are leading the charge.


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Seminars & Events

Check out the Green Schools National Network  Calendar of upcoming events.

Leading Green Schools

Green Schools National Network and Auburn University have co-developed the first online learning resource with sustainability in mind.

Professional Services

Designed to help schools and school districts adopt sustainability practices that align with their strategic goals.

PD Collaborative

We have scanned the landscape to invite a select group of professional development providers to join a PD Collaborative.


Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly

The only peer reviewed publication dedicated to the advancement of green, healthy, and sustainable K-12 schools.


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Areas of Focus

Education/Professional Development

GSNN supports local, regional and national professional development opportunities that enhance the quantity and quality of green and healthy schools across the nation.  These opportunities include the annual Green Schools National Conference and audience-specific seminars in collaboration with other national partners.


GSNN will develop and maintain a robust website and online newsletter for sharing information and resources about all aspects of green and healthy schools.


GSNN supports opportunities for schools, non-profit organizations, corporations and the public sector to network and collaborate through local, regional and national meetings hosted by the GSNN and other national partners.


GSNN works with other national partners to evaluate policy and advocacy efforts that support healthy, sustainable schools that advance student achievement for the 21st century.


GSNN works with other national partners and researchers to coordinate a rigorous research and evaluation agenda of green and healthy schools initiatives that can inform the development of best practices for healthy growth and development and academic achievement.