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Marin School of Environmental Leadership – Shaping Tomorrow’s Environmental Leaders

By. Michelle Laurie and Ally Teper, Marin School of Environmental Leadership “In middle school, I would have never dreamed that I’d be running my own business at 16. I never expected myself to be doing the things I’ve done until much later in life actually. It’s all...

Room to Root: At Boise High School, A Nearby Vacant Block Has Sprouted a Project-Based Learning Movement

By. Alison Ward, Boise High School It was warm by early afternoon, seventh period, the final trip to the farm for the year. The admittedly acrid smell had receded fivefold into the last warmth of autumn, but the compost pile still needed work. “Well, at least you...

The Roots of Inclusion at Prairie Crossing

By. Melissa Plucinski and Robb Freeman, Prairie Crossing Charter School In the spring of 2017, an idea sprouted during a first/second-grade team meeting at Prairie Crossing Charter School, located in Grayslake, Illinois. The teachers were hoping to repurpose their...

21st Century Learning with a Focus on Place-Based Service-Learning at Mulberry School

By. Jane Murphy, M.A., Assistant Head of Mulberry School Mulberry School, a private school in Los Gatos, California that serves approximately 200 students, was founded in 1963 with strong progressive roots and a philosophically based experiential approach to learning....

School Food Gardens in Multicultural Inner-city Settings

By. Sunday Harrison   Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher #84, Winter 2008 – 2009. Learn more about Green Teacher’s nonprofit magazine and books at www.greenteacher.com.

GSNN Educator’s Toolbox: Professional Development, Resources, Grants, and Awards for January

Professional Development Be a Catalyst for Change…Become a Green Schools National Network Member The green schools movement is the most critical education reform initiative of our time. Through the Green Schools National Network (GSNN) membership program, you can show...