Green Schools National Network GreenPrint™


A GreenPrint™ for
becoming a Healthy,
Equitable, and
Sustainable School

Green Schools National Network GreenPrint™

What is the GreenPrint™?

The GreenPrint™ is a framework for whole school transformation that promotes best practices in leadership, curriculum and instruction, culture and climate, and facilities and operations.

We developed the GreenPrint™ to serve as a road map as you plan your school or district’s journey to become healthy, equitable, and sustainable. This tool will help you diagnose strengths and challenges, plan strategically, analyze progress as you implement change, and adjust course in response to emerging issues or priorities.

Implementing the core practices found in the GreenPrint is hard work and heart work. It is also energizing work and our hope is that the GreenPrint will inspire and empower you, your team, your stakeholders, and your funders.

Our GreenPrint™ is informed by
three Core Beliefs:

Systemic Change Endures

We believe healthy, equitable, and sustainable schools can only be achieved through whole-district and whole-school transformation.


We believe students from all backgrounds and zip codes and regardless of social, gender, and racial identity, should have an equitable opportunity for academic success and equitable access to healthy environments.

Everyone Is A Leader & A Learner

We believe that every member of a school community is a leader and has a voice and hand in creating healthy, equitable, and sustainable schools.

Four Impact Systems that Drive Whole School Transformation

Green Schools National Network GreenPrint™

Holistic Impact Systems

Our GreenPrint™ offers a road map for holistic transformation based on four key systems:


This system integrates sustainability into the vision and mission, creates policies and procedures to support that vision and mission.

Culture & Climate

This system shapes and influences behaviors and mindsets within the school community through programs, structures, and systems that support core beliefs about health, equity, and sustainability.

Curriculum & Instruction

This system reflects what is taught and how. It includes the design or adoption of sustainability curricula to ensure all students have equitable opportunities to learn and lead.


This system is responsible for creating and operating indoor and outdoor learning environments that support the vision, mission and core beliefs of the community related to health, equity, and sustainability.

Three Spheres of Influence Impact
the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability

Three Spheres of Influence

A GreenPrint Partner is a school or school district that is intentional about where, what and how student learn to create a sustainable future:

  • Health: Policies and practices that contribute to students cognitive, physical, and mental well-being.
  • Equity: Policies and practices that distribute resources, access, and opportunities fairly and justly so that all faculty, staff and students can thrive.
  • Environment: Policies and practices that work to save financial resources while decreasing the school community’s environmental footprint.
Three Spheres of Influence

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