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Annual Calendar of Events

Catalyst Leaders Meetings (Quarterly)

An in-network meeting featuring hot topics, stories, challenges, and opportunities from network leaders. Our Catalyst Leaders Meeting gives you a chance to network with fellow changemakers in the green schools movement.

Community of Practice Meetings (Quarterly)

One of the greatest benefits to Network partners is the many access points available to engage with one another. Our COP meetings are peer-to-peer learning opportunities with a focused topic each semester, allowing us to solve problems collectively.

Site Summit (Biannually)

At GSNN, we believe in the importance of embedding sustainability into deep experiential learning. Twice a year, we get off the computer screen and visit a Network Partner school or district to showcase best practices in action. Featuring school tours; one on ones with school leaders; panels with students, teachers, and staff; and the opportunity to experience a green school from a new lens, you will leave Site Summits feeling inspired and better prepared to replicate best practices in a way that fits your unique school or district environment.

Leadership Academy (Annually)

Spearheading the efforts to create a healthy, equitable, and sustainable school system is hard work and heart work. We have streamlined our years of experience and practice into an annual day of green leadership training to provide practical information and skills development for leaders to be successful. Working with top leaders in sustainability education while utilizing our GreenPrint Action Plan, you will leave Leadership Academy more prepared to tackle the upcoming school year.

Green Schools Conference (Annually)

Every year, GSNN and the Center for Green Schools at USGB host the Green Schools Conference (GSC). GSC brings together players from every sector of the green schools movement. School leaders, educators, government and community partners, facilities and operations leaders, and school design and construction professionals worldwide come together to share and explore green schools best practices. GSC features engaging peer-to-peer content and networking, inspiring keynotes, and more. You’ll leave GSC with an expanded community and network to call on and collaborate with.

Educator Academy (Annually)

So much of the country’s green schools movement relies on educators, and it’s important to acknowledge the challenges in the educator experience. With lesson plans influenced by best practices, education’s current climate, and our GreenPrint Action Plan, GSNN is teaching through a lens that touches the classroom. You will leave the Educator Academy with renewed purpose and direction to lead your students into a just and sustainable future.

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