We’re giving you a sneak peek of what you’ll hear from one of our featured conference speakers, Dr. John Ratey, MD, “One of the Best Doctors in America.”

In this video segment, Dr. Ratey talks about how exercise can transform our schools — words of wisdom.  (When he asks his audience to stand up and move…we challenge you to join in!)

More about Dr. Ratey

Dr Ratey has penned, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain published by Little Brown. In Spark, Dr. Ratey guides the reader to an understanding of neurobiology and inspires the reader to reach for their potential, and embrace exercise that is crucial for the brain and body to operate at peak performance.

Spark is fueling a movement to re-engineer school practices and medical recommendations to establish curriculum, lifestyles and corporate practices based on scientific principles. Providing the scientific foundation and research data, Dr. Ratey has been drafted into the groundswell of those whose mission it is to revitalize schools, combat the obesity crisis, stave off the encroaching epidemic of sedentarism, by returning to evolutionary principles of physical exercise and proper diet.

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain is the culmination of years of experience with the brain body connection, new research data, and the synthesis of biological sciences. Spark is revolutionizing how we see the human species. A call to return to our evolutionary roots; to get in sync with our metabolic design honed through eons of survival to optimize mental and physical health. Dr. Ratey is the spark that will set your old paradigms on fire, which will clear your mind to see a new vision for mankind, and inflame a passion of commitment to create a healthy future for our posterity.