As Iowans, farm to table was a way of life for me and my family. Until I was in 5th grade, my family lived in 5 states and two European countries. Everywhere we lived my parents had a garden so they could grow their own food, or they adopted a local farmer so they knew who was growing their food. When we settled back in Iowa, the same pattern continued. Our freezer and refrigerator were stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables from our yard and garden, and meat from an aunt, uncle, or cousin. I relished the taste of a tomato fresh off the vine, so much juicer and flavorful than the fruits from the supermarket.

It was these early experiences of eating amazing, fresh food that shaped my eating habits of today. I love to eat food that I produce or food that is produced by someone I know! Enjoying good food is important to me and is something I am passionate about. I believe every child cheap ambien with prescription should grow up with a passion for food. Sadly, many children think fruits and vegetables grow in grocery stores and would happily choose a box of apple juice over a sweet, ripe apple.

October’s celebration of Farm to School Month offers an opportunity for schools to grow that passion for food. From the classroom to the cafeteria, educators and farmers can work together to raise awareness around healthy eating by introducing students to the folks who grow and harvest their food, and encouraging them to try something new.

This month’s GreenNotes celebrates the work of schools and advocates who believe in and embrace the farm to school movement. Their hard work and successes truly show how important farm to school is in laying a foundation for making healthier choices and fighting the obesity epidemic among our children. Because when a child gets to enjoy biting into a ripe peach, freshly picked that morning…it can be an experience that changes their outlook on food for the better.


Let’s eat!