Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly

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GSCQ is THE publication of the green schools movement, diving deep into topics you care about. A peer reviewed, high interest digital magazine, GSCQ highlights evidence-based practices for replication in green, healthy, sustainable schools; explores issues in-depth, including qualitative and quantitative research; and features columns that report on and explore emergent issues.

Shared Leadership

GSCQ features authors from all sectors of the green schools movement: teachers, school leaders, district decision makers, state education leaders, corporate partners, communities, parents, and above all, students.


GSCQ is where the rubber meets the road, providing data, case studies, and research that decision makers can use to move schools, districts, states, and the entire movement to effect positive, impactful change.

GSCQ highlights best practices that:
• Reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainable practices in school buildings and grounds while saving money
• Improve the health, well-being, and safety of students, teachers, and staff
• Increase college and career readiness through the integration of sustainability as a theme that supports 21st century learning


GSCQ highlights trends at the local, regional, and national scale that merit replication, and collaborates with organizations around the nation to leverage existing infrastructure, policy, and networks to highlight the most strategic opportunities for sustainable change. From seasoned veterans to beginners, GSCQ provides inspiration for every school and district to nurture increased implementation of best practices.