**This blog post was originally published at www.chairigami.com and is reprinted here with permission from Chairigami.**


The Green Schools National Network, or GSNN, debuted their brand new Chairigami trade show booth at the 2016 Green Schools Conference and Expo. GSNN chose Chairigami for its ease of use and its green design principles. Our focus on green design aligns well with their mission as a 501(c)3 non-profit, which is to create broad-based initiatives and successful strategies to foster healthy, sustainable K-12 schools across the United States.


The furniture provided simple and reliable seating while also helping GSNN share their work and mission with conference attendees: “People dropped by to test out the furniture and ended up leaving with a better understanding of GSNN’s work with schools, a win for everyone.  With our organization’s focus on sustainability, it is great for us to walk the walk and use furniture that can be recycled for any number of purposes, including future conference expos.”


GSSN loved their furniture, and we loved hearing about how much they loved it. Clients tell us these kind of stories all the time, but it never really gets old: “People do not normally think of cardboard as being sturdy enough to sit on, yet Chairigami’s pieces held up and were comfortable too!”