The Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) was founded in 2003 on the principle that education for sustainability (EfS) is essential for today’s K-12 students. EfS is a teaching methodology that develops critical thinking skills necessary to understand and take action on complex, interconnected issues. Students today face unprecedented challenges and an imperative to balance economic, social, and environmental problems. They need to feel inspired and be prepared to innovate new solutions.  CELF programs use real-world problem solving to prepare students with the holistic thinking skills and motivation to become agents of change for a healthier, more stable, and sustainable future.

What We Offer

  • Professional Development Workshops on EfS for K-12 Administrators and Teachers
  • Schoolwide and Districtwide Leadership in EfS Consulting
  • Annual CELF Summer Institute for K-12 Educators
  • Student Ambassador Program / Walk for Water
  • NGSS Citizen Science for Sustainable Communities
  • EfS Blended Learning Courses for K-12 Educators



Scheduled PD Offerings

The Annual CELF Summer Institute is open for registration!

What are the best teaching methods and classroom practices to capture student imagination, stimulate curiosity, better cultivate understanding of our interconnected planet, and motivate positive change? How can we, as educators, help students connect learning to real-world experience while still meeting demanding 21st century academic standards?

The Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation – CELF – Summer Institute in Education for Sustainability (EfS) is an immersive multi-day professional development experience for K-12 classroom teachers, school leaders, future teachers, and non-formal educators. The Institute equips participants with practices and teaching methods to address the core concepts of EfS – the intersection of social, economic, and ecological systems – and how the balance of those three systems is vital to a sustainable future and relevant to all subject areas.


There are two Summer Institutes to choose from:

Westchester, NY – July 15-18, 2019 at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY
New York, NY – July 29-31, 2019 at New York University


Please get in touch if you have any questions: