Building a movement is not easy and it does not happen overnight. It requires each of us to step outside of our comfort zones to make change happen. As I reflect back on the early years of the Green Schools National Network, I continue to be amazed at what we have accomplished over such a short time. And it is all because of you.

The Green Schools National Network was founded on four core values:

  • Providing visionary leadership to better identify new ideas and new ways of transforming schools and communities.
  • Emphasizing collaboration, with the goal of strengthening, improving, and expanding sustainable learning communities.
  • Connecting educators to resources and each other.
  • Fostering a growing network of like-minded individuals working together for the greater good and the greatest impact.

These core values have something in common: partnership and collaboration. By finding common ground in creating green, healthy, and sustainable schools, we have come together to create something that is more powerful and impactful than if we had worked alone. We have started a movement.

November is the month of Thanksgiving. I cannot think of a better time of the year to stop, reflect, and celebrate all of the good work our partners and collaborators are doing to advance the green schools movement. I hope you are inspired by the examples of partnerships and collaboration highlighted in this month’s GreenNotes. I know I am. Let’s keep taking risks and uniting our voices to make great things happen. Because it is you, the teachers, students, school leaders, facilities staff, and advocates, who will transform the schools of today to grow the Earth stewards of tomorrow.

Until next month,