You’ll meet people who understand what you care about

The Green Schools National Network offers this annual conference because, like you, we know that the greening of our nation’s schools is important to increase student motivation; to improve our teaching and learning spaces; and to work toward a healthier planet. This isn’t a fad – it’s an understanding of the future needs of our schools and our students.


You’ll meet people who make a difference

This conference’s keynote and featured speakers aren’t the ‘usual suspects.’ Of course, you’ll hear from educators who share your passion for our schools and our students, but the speaker line-up also includes thought leaders from leading businesses, think-tanks, and non-profit groups who will offer new ideas and create new possibilities in the area of green schools.


You’ll be among friends

This conference is about making connections and meeting colleagues who want to learn more about greening schools – just like you. Better yet, the people you meet have great ideas and want to share them – with you!


You’ll leave with great ideas and strategies to implement them

Most conferences are great to get you fired up about new ideas, but once you return to school that next Monday, enthusiasm runs into reality: you have too little time and no resources to do all you want to, given your workload and no budget. No worries! The Green Schools National Conference is designed to provide real-world strategies to help you get started on greening your school!


After a long, cold winter,.. you’ll be in California!

There’s a reason “California Dreamin’” was a hit song. Who doesn’t want to spend a little time in warmer temps and sunnier skies? Start Packing!