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Urban Tree Canopy Project Bridges Community and Curriculum

By. Meghan Raftery, School/Community Partnerships Coordinator for Virginia Beach City Public Schools   Once there was a tree and she loved a school. She was a Live Oak named “Big Mama” and she lived in the courtyard of an elementary school. Thanks to the students... read more

Enhancing Life Science Education with Project BudBurst

By. Katherine Johnson, Youth Education Director, Chicago Botanic Garden   Following best practices for teaching life sciences in the classroom can be challenging, especially for schools in urban settings. Project BudBurst is a citizen science program that can... read more

Tackling Invasive Species Using Citizen Science

By. Sarah Morrisseau and Christine Voyer   Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher publication Teaching About Invasive Species.  Learn more about Green Teacher’s nonprofit magazine and books at www.greenteacher.com. Download... read more

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Green Schools National Network’s newsletter, GreenNotes, focuses on one overarching topic per month.  We will consider articles for the month that best matches the topic.  Have a question about an upcoming theme?  Contact [email protected]  ... read more