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ECS Turns Research Into Action on the Streets and Seas of Los Angeles

This post is a re-print of a blog post originally authored by Environmental Charter Schools (ECS). You can access the original post here. ECS is a member of Green Schools National Network's Catalyst School and District Network. For more information about this Network...
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New Tools Help Students Understand Link between Climate Change and Their Health

By. John Balbus, M.D., M.P.H. and Tara Failey, M.P.H.   Most Americans don’t realize climate change has important impacts on their health, surveys show. When asked to identify how climate change impacts health, less than a third of those surveyed can name even...
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Teaching Climate Change Education in an Uncertain World

I have had many mentors in my career as an educator, one of them being none other than David Sobel. Years ago, David wrote an enlightening article on ecophobia where he discussed, among other things, the importance for educators to be sensitive to the developmental...
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How is Climate Change Affecting Our Health? New Module Guides Students to Explore the Connection

Is a warmer climate making pollen allergies worse? Can increased flooding due to climate change exacerbate disease outbreaks? How else can climate change influence weather and climate patterns that affect our health?  In the midst of sometimes overwhelming information...
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Education Ensures Strong, Sustained, and Effective Climate Solutions

By. Frank Niepold, Climate Education Coordinator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Program Office   Climate change is a challenge with which our generation and each following generation must grapple. Understanding the causes, effects, and risks...
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Teaching Climate Change in a Public School Setting

By. Gina Smith and Tera Fieri, Marathon Venture Academy (Marathon City, WI)   Marathon Venture Academy (MVA) is a rural, public charter school in Marathon City, Wisconsin. It is an EL Education school that offers students the opportunity to experience nine,...
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