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Interdisciplinary Approaches for Teaching Climate — Calculating Your School’s GHG Emissions

By. Megan Arnold and Peter Crownfield   Climate change is in the news, and we’ve seen huge marches for science and climate action. In many schools, however, global warming and climate change have been largely ignored, except for brief discussions in some science...
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Engaging and Empowering Teens to Create Sustainable Schools: Rochester Youth Climate Leaders Show the Way

 By. Chris Dolgos   How do you convince 90 tweens, teens, and their teachers to willingly give up a sunny, spring Sunday to chart a course for more sustainable and climate-friendly schools? You create an event they can’t say no to! On April 9, 2017, the Rochester...
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An Organic Approach to Bringing Place-Based Education Innovations to Scale

By. Gregory A. Smith, Professor Emeritus, Lewis & Clark College   One of the difficulties faced by all educational innovators is the issue of dissemination and the challenge of bringing new ideas and approaches to scale. Without some breadth of practice, it...
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School Gardens Grow Eco-Literate, Caring 21st Century Citizens

We know that today’s children spend far less time outdoors than their parents and grandparents. Whether it is the lure of the TV screen or fear of neighborhood violence, kids are spending more of their waking hours between four walls than out in fresh air and...
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Building a Greenhouse with Other People’s Garbage

By. David Ropa, 7th grade science teacher at Spring Harbor Environmental Magnet Middle School (Madison, Wisconsin)   This Earth Day marks the one year anniversary of the grand opening of the Irwin A. & Robert D. Goodman Greenhouse at Spring Harbor. The...
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A Teacher’s Most Powerful Tool

By. Joe Ludes, Instructional Coach, REAL School Gardens   I still remember the day I learned that the outdoors was a powerful teaching tool. I had been working in a high-poverty school for several years. It was usually very rewarding, but often incredibly...
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