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Deep Collaboration Strengthens the 2018 Green Schools Conference & Expo

By. Anisa Heming and Jennifer Seydel   We at the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Green Schools National Network (GSNN) could not be more thrilled to be headed back to Denver with our closest friends for the 2018 Green...
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Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies: Whole Child Health is a Central Tenet of a Green School

In the green schools movement, we talk a lot about creating healthy learning environments, spaces that are water and energy efficient; have superior indoor air quality; and produce little to no waste. We also talk a lot about how we can use these spaces as learning...
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Mindfulness at the Heart of a Wellness Program

By Tina Nilsen-Hodges, Founder and Principal, New Roots Charter School (Ithaca, New York)   “Take 30!” Instantly our entire student body fell silent and closed their eyes. I peeked to see the reactions of city officials who were guests at our ribbon-cutting...
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‘Moving’ for Well-Being as the Third Teacher in 21st Century Schools

By: Dina Sorensen, Associate - VMDO Architects, Mary Moss Brown, Founder - Charlotte Lab School, and Jeri Brittin, Ph.D., Director of Research - HDR Inc.   Learning and moving inside and outside the classroom – seems like a simple idea that is easy to do – but we...
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Schools Cut Meat and Cheese, Serve up Big Wins for Kids and Climate

By. Kari Hamerschlag and Christopher D. Cook   It is hard to imagine a clearer win than making kids’ lunches healthier, cheaper, and better for the planet. With soaring child obesity and diabetes rates, tight budgets, and a looming climate crisis, an inspiring...
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The Whole Child is the Whole Story: Holistic Health and Well-Being in K-12 Schools

By. Andrew Elsworth, Vice President of Health and Learning, Green Building Alliance   Over the last six years, the Green & Healthy Schools Academy has provided support to help schools improve the health and safety of the physical environments in which their...
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