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For 2016 Best of Green Schools Winner Fayette County Public Schools It’s About Sustainability

By. Tresine Logsdon, Sustainability Coordinator for Fayette County Public Schools (Kentucky)   At Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) in Lexington, Kentucky, our students are inherently passionate about improving sustainability on their school campuses and in...
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STEAM Makes Art an Integral Part of the Equation

By now everyone is familiar with the acronym STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and the important role it plays in K-12 curriculum. STEM education is incredibly important for preparing today’s students to enter the green workforce and participate in a...
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Students Learn Skills to Solve Environmental Issues in Project Lead The Way

By Vanessa Stratton, Vice President of Programs for Project Lead The Way   The world is evolving quickly, and students today must be prepared to solve the problems of our future. Many of our most daunting challenges involve the environment and a growing...
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Haiti Container Building Project Benefits Students and Builds Engineering Pipeline for Future Workforce Needs

By. Tim Brown and Leon Grant, Marietta City Schools (Georgia)   The Marietta City Schools (Georgia) Engineering Pipeline initiative includes a multi-year Haiti Container Building Project with program components currently at four Marietta City schools from...
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Think Outside! Bringing Nature into STE(A)M Education with Biomimicry

By. Gretchen Hooker, Educational Resources Manager at the Biomimicry Institute   Mention frog mucus to a group of tenth-graders and you might expect to hear a collective “yuck.” To a class of sophomores from Kearny High School for Engineering Innovation and...
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Reflections of a Lifelong Learner: How STEAM Comes to Life through Entrepreneurial and Design Thinking

By. Brian Lakamp, Founder and CEO of Totem Power   Up until two years ago, I spent the previous fifteen years of my career in media. I focused on the transformation from traditional to digital media and on leading the charge of change in the industry.   Two...
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