Back to school season is here! The start of a new school year is a great time to revisit and update your teaching practices and curriculum. Whether you are new to teaching sustainability topics or are looking to dive deeper, we’ve assembled a collection of timely blog and Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly articles that include tips, strategies, and resources for incorporating sustainability topics in K-12 curriculum. Check them out.

Virtual Learning

Many schools and districts across the country are still practicing virtual or hybrid learning going into the fall. The following articles highlight tools and strategies you can use to develop meaningful virtual learning experiences for students.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning got a major boost during the 2020 – 2021 school year as teachers looked for creative solutions to bring students back for in-person learning. It’s a trend that we hope is here to stay! The following articles offer tips, tricks, and strategies to help you take learning outside and use your school grounds as a classroom.

Climate Literacy

Teaching about climate and climate change is critical to fostering environmentally literate students. The following articles highlight how you can incorporate climate literacy across subjects and get students involved in real-world, climate-related projects that can impact their communities.

Civic Education

A high-quality civic education prepares students to be active participants in our democracy and engaged, informed, and compassionate citizens. The following articles offer tips, resources, and strategies for incorporating hands-on, authentic civic education and engagement into your curriculum.

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