The Green Schools National Network (GSNN) owes a great deal of its success and reach in the education community to the dedicated men and women who sit on our Board of Directors.  With that, I am pleased to introduce GSNN’s two newest Board members: Stefan Anderson and Bridgitte Alomes.


Bridgitte Alomes

Untitled-1Bridgitte Alomes is the co-founder and CEO of Natural Pod, a Canadian-based company that specializes in furniture design and manufacturing for natural play and children’s environments.  She has engaged more than 20,000 educators through workshops and presentations, sharing her natural play philosophy in an effort to create an education-changing impact on future generations.  Bridgitte firmly believes that Natural Pod’s compelling vision, its innovative award-winning products, and its passion and commitment to natural play sets it apart from its competition.  I addition to her work with Natural Pod, Bridgitte works to conserve and protect Canada’s natural environments by serving as a board member  of BC Forest Ethics Solutions.


Stefan Anderson

saStefan Anderson is the Head of School for Conserve School, an environmentally focused semester school in northern Wisconsin that draws students from across the country.  Conserve School was recognized in 2014 as a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School.  Stefan began working with high school students and teachers in Minnesota after finishing graduate school at MIT.  He attributes his passion for inspiring young environmental stewards to the outdoor loving adults who allowed him to spend significant amounts of unstructured time in the woods as a child. Stefan believes that effective environmental education must engage the heart, head and the hands.


As green schools advocates and well-regarded thought leaders in the green schools movement, Bridgitte and Stefan bring great enthusiasm and expert knowledge to GSNN’s Board.  I cannot think of two better additions and I am excited to see what new ideas and perspectives they have to share.


Welcome aboard Bridgitte and Stefan!