Did you know that October is Energy Awareness Month? Energy initiatives can be a great way to rally members of a school community around a common sustainability goal – to save energy. Check out this roundup of blog posts and Green Schools Catalyst Quarterly articles that include tips, strategies, and resources for pursuing zero-energy schools, using the school building to teach about energy, and engaging students in authentic learning experiences involving energy and energy efficiency.

Pursuing Zero-Energy Schools

A zero-energy school is the ultimate goal for every healthy, equitable, and sustainable school. Two keys to achieving net-zero energy are to start small and engage the whole school community. Adding green roofs and solar panels and conducting routine energy audits are some of the ways in which schools have started down the net-zero path. The following articles discuss additional energy efficiency initiatives and the benefits of net-zero energy and introduce you to some schools and school districts already walking the net-zero path.

Using the School Building to Teach About Energy

School buildings can be powerful tools for educators looking to incorporate real-life lessons on energy and energy efficiency in their curriculum. The following articles highlight some of the ways in which educators are using school design and energy efficiency features to teach energy concepts and engage students in energy conservation measures.

Engaging Students in Real-World, Energy Efficiency Projects

Involving students in energy initiatives is critical in fostering sustainability mindsets. Hands-on learning in and outside the classroom fosters a deeper understanding of energy use and conservation. The following articles highlight some of the ways in which students are tackling energy efficiency at their schools through real-world, place-based projects.

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