Best of the Blog: Healthy School Environments, Equity are Top Topics in 2021

Another topsy-turvy year of pandemic schooling is almost in the books. As 2021 draws to a close, we look back at some of the most popular topics on the Green Schools National Network (GSNN) blog this year. Not surprisingly, many of you were searching for and reading articles related to equity and healthy school environments. From green cleaning to restorative discipline, here are five articles that rose to the top for readers in 2021.

How to Implement a Green Cleaning Program in Schools – the Right Way

Rochelle Davis, President and CEO of Healthy Schools Campaign, discusses the benefits of adopting a green cleaning program and what steps to take to get one off the ground. She also shares examples of successful green cleaning programs in schools and resources that are available to support your program.

Safe Water in Schools: What do we know? What can we do?

This article examines the importance of providing access to safe, quality drinking water in schools and shares steps that schools can take to improve drinking water quality and encourage healthy hydration habits.

Restorative Discipline: Classroom Management for Equity and Justice

Restorative discipline practices give students opportunities to reflect on and grow from mistakes and conflicts without disciplinary action. Learn about three approaches to restorative discipline that educators can implement in their classrooms and schools.

Celebrating Diversity is Not Enough

Celebrating diversity doesn’t solve the educational inequities present in K-12 education. Building a school culture of equity that supports inclusion and achievement can. Here, five guidelines for educators looking to create equitable opportunities in their classrooms.

Bees at School!?

Keeping honeybees at school is possible! A science teacher shares his story of how he worked with Beepods to install a beekeeping system at his school and, as a result, has increased opportunities for educating his students and the community.

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