Writer and futurist Alvin Toffler once famously noted, “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.” We’ve kept big things in mind as we have been dreaming about the future of the Green Schools National Network (GSNN) and the 2016 Green Schools Conference and Expo, formerly known as the Green Schools National Conference.

We are excited about our recent announcement that the 6th Annual Conference will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from March 31 – April 1, 2016.   With this announcement, maybe, you too, are dreaming: dreaming about the Call for Presentations and what exciting best practice, project, or program you will share when we gather in Pittsburgh…or dreaming about helping review proposals!   Whatever you are dreaming about, we need you to make the conference in Pittsburgh the biggest and best ever!

We are excited to announce that GSNN has a new Vision and Mission Statement. We are stretching our reach beyond the conference and have identified the following goals that will guide GSNN’s work over the next five years:

  1. Inspire, gather, synthesize, generate, and report evidence-based resources that include practical tools, news, and commentary for the green, healthy, and sustainable schools community.
  2. Build a network of schools and school districts to generate, incubate, and disseminate innovative ideas and best practices for green, healthy, and sustainable schools.

Our commitment to supporting schools and school districts to create thoughtful and mindful citizens for the future is the foundation of these shifts in our work. Going forward, the Network will be charting a course that will include deeper partnerships with other thought leaders who want to travel with us to effect positive, far-reaching, and impactful change for teachers, students, administrators, and schools.

Beginning this month, you will notice a dramatic shift in the GreenNotes format. Each issue will focus on a theme and present case studies, expert interviews, research-based articles, professional development resources, and grants. It is a small, important step in our journey of expanding GSNN’s role as a contributor and thought leader to the green schools movement.


Will you join us in making our dreams a reality?